Between the question and the answer

In the shadow of yet another mass shooting, Pastor Kelly asks the question “Why?”

When one person is able to stockpile enough military assault weapons and ammunition to kill 59 people and injure another 500 in a matter of minutes, why are “Why are we so willing to do nothing?”

Inspired by some of what Benjamin Corey wrote in 2014, Pastor Kelly suggests that our primary sin may be idolatry. Have we become a nation that worships “fear”?

After worship, Pastor Kelly took time to talk with a few members. One was an life-long hunter, gun owner, ex-marine, NRA member who appreciated the sermon. When Pastor Kelly asked him if he had some ideas to address gun violence and mass shootings, the member suggested laws that eliminate “bump stocks and high-capacity magazines”; and the creation of a nationwide database (“all my guns are registered, I have nothing to hide”). He said, “no civilian needs to own a military grade assault weapon.”

Pastor Kelly invites you to do something: contact your representatives to demand sensible laws like the ones listed above. Talk to others. Get involved and support groups that lobby and advocate for non-violence and sensible gun laws.
It’s time to do something. 


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