Nevertheless She Persisted 12/03/2017

(NOTE: Due to some recording glitches, there were a couple of gaps and beeps. However, most of it has been edited to make it smoother and, hopefully, clear.)

Pastor Kelly’s kicked off the December sermon series, “Mom Genes” with the story of Tamar from Genesis 38.

Her story may shock and surprise some, but she is part of our Christmas story, as she is named in Jesus’ family tree in Matthew 1. If her story offends our modern sensibilities, we may need to learn what her father-in-law Judah learned; she is the more righteous.

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2 Responses to “Nevertheless She Persisted 12/03/2017”
  1. Catherine Smith says:

    Thank you! Loved the sermon. I’ve not been able to go to church (any church) for a while so I needed it. I look forward to the other 4.

    Love to all,

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