Summer Lovin’: Intimacy – 08/13/2017

Pastor Kelly planned this new three-week series (Summer Lovin’) based on Henri Nouwen’s book Lifesigns, prior to the unfolding events of nuclear threats and white supremacists, neonazis, and white nationalists gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia.
This first sermon was on Intimacy, the first theme in Nouwen’s book. 

As he denounced the horrific words and actions, Pastor Kelly called us to ground ourselves in Christ’s perfect love that frees us from fear.


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2 Responses to “Summer Lovin’: Intimacy – 08/13/2017”
  1. Leslee Wray says:

    Thank you. Such powerful words for this pastors fainting heart. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      My sweet, wise, fierce, loving sister Leslee,
      You and so many of my Candler friends were so patient and caring, as you loved and nurtured me toward who I am still becoming.

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