Good News for Nobodies…and Somebodies (Ash Wednesday) 2/14/2018

Pastor Kelly introduced the new Sermon Series with this Ash Wednesday sermon and an invitation to a 40-day self-reflection for all “Somebodies” and “Nobodies.”    

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Sharing the Rewards 2018/02/04

After his 16-day trip in the Philippines, Pastor Kelly reflects on the meaning of mission and what Paul means when he wrote the Corinthians, “I have become all things to all people, that I might win some.” With his childlike grasp of Tagalog, he did his best to show his love and appreciation for the […]

Dangerous Life-Giving Waters 01/14/2018

Following last week’s sermon reminding us that we are God’s beloved children, Pastor Kelly returned to the waters of baptism to remind us that that they are also dangerous because they call us to accept the freedom and power God gives us to resist evil, injustice and oppression. The waters of baptism are dangerous because […]

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Mni Wiconi (Water Is Life) 01/07/2018

Remembering the baptism of Jesus, Pastor Kelly invites us to remember that we are all connected through the life-giving waters of Jesus, and from his experiences at Standing Rock, we are all connected through our very need for water. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Kelly walked through the sanctuary, sprinkling the congregation with […]

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Mary’s Subversive Lullaby 12/24/2017 Christmas Eve Evening

Pastor Kelly finished the Mom Genes sermon series on Christmas Eve night, reminding us again that the Christmas story is not a Happily Ever After Fairy Tale, but a story of hope, light and resistance. Maybe Mary’s Magnificat was a subversive lullaby that Jesus heard in the waters of Mary’s womb.    We also welcome your financial support […]

#Her Too 12/24/2017

Warning: While it is not graphic, this sermon refers to assault and may be difficult for some to hear.  In the penultimate sermon in the series, Mom Genes, Pastor Kelly lifts up the harsh reality of Bathsheba’s story. It is certainly not a traditional story that someone would anticipate on the morning of Christmas Eve, but […]

Only love can truly save the world 12/17/2017

In this third sermon in the series, Pastor Kelly celebrates Ruth. A Moabite widow who will end up being the Great Grandmother of King David. As Christians in America resist the ethnocentrism of white nationalists, Ruth’s story reminds us of the righteousness of foreigners who are part of the Christmas story.

The window in the wall 12/10/2017

In this second sermon in the series about Jesus’ great grandmothers, Pastor Kelly focuses on Rahab. Her story from the second chapter of Joshua intersects with another Canaanite woman in the 15th chapter of Matthew.

Nevertheless She Persisted 12/03/2017

(NOTE: Due to some recording glitches, there were a couple of gaps and beeps. However, most of it has been edited to make it smoother and, hopefully, clear.) Pastor Kelly’s kicked off the December sermon series, “Mom Genes” with the story of Tamar from Genesis 38. Her story may shock and surprise some, but she […]

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I am not the one 11/19/2017

What’s the most appropriate way to express our gratitude. Pastor Kelly’s sermon for the Sunday before (American) Thanksgiving is based on the story of the 10 lepers in Luke 17. On the way to Jerusalem Jesus was going through the region between Samaria and Galilee. As he entered a village, ten lepers approached him. Keeping their […]

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