Dancing Lessons – 07/16/2017

Based on Matthew 11:16-17; 25-30, Pastor Kelly believes we are all invited to dance together with all of God’s beloved creation.  

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God’s Undivided Heart 06/25/2017

Pastor Kelly delivered this very personal sermon on Seattle Pride Sunday. Based on the story of Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 21:9-19 and Matthew 10:34-39. Genesis 21: 9-19 But Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she had borne to Abraham, playing with her son Isaac. So she said to Abraham, “Cast out this slave […]

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Wait for it… – 05/28/2017

Celebrating the Ascension of the Lord, Pastor Kelly shared this sermon based on Acts 1:1-11.

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Chicken Love – 05/14/2017

Pastor Kelly’s Mother’s Day sermon based on Luke 13:31-34…with a bit of banjo playing thrown in.

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One With Bread – 5/7/2017

Pastor Kelly’s sermon based on Luke 24:13-35.

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We Like Sheep – 4/30/2017

Pastor Kelly’s sermon based on John 10:1-10. As confusing as the many metaphors in the bible can be, be assured that the Good Shepherd keeps calling…  

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The Story In Your Hands – 4/23/2017

Pastor Kelly invites us to think about the story in our hands in this sermon based on John 20:19-31, in which Thomas refuses to believe until he sees the marks in Jesus’ hands.  

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Angels and Easter People – 04/16/2017

Pastor Kelly’s sermon for Easter morning based on John 20:1-18.  

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Beyond our Control – 04/4/2017

Celebrating the birthday of the church on Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Kelly shared this sermon on the dangerous, uncontrollable power of the Holy Spirit…and still we pray for it to blow through!

Give it up! (Control) 3/5/2017

Pastor Kelly kicks off the six-week Lenten series, “Give it up!” taking us through two stories of temptation: Adam & Eve in the Garden and Jesus in the wilderness. While the first couple didn’t fare well against the tempter, Pastor Kelly wonders what it might mean to follow Jesus’ example and be led into the wilderness […]

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